Afternoon Enrichment

The official school day finishes at 12h45. The aftercare programme runs from 13h00 until 17h30 daily and is an extension of the school day. Children are given the opportunity to have a nap or quiet time before engaging in the planned afternoon activity for that day. The aftercare programme has been designed to ensure children receive adequate and appropriate stimulation while having fun and relaxing after the busy morning.

Montessori Curriculum

The school is divided into two programmes based on age: The Toddler Programme is for children aged 18 months – 3 years old. This age is considered the most fundamental and is where foundations for future learning are built. The Pre-School Programme is for children from 3 – 6 years old. At this stage children are encouraged to work independently and cooperatively with their peer group. Vertical grouping (mixed aged groups) is a fundamental component of an authentic Montessori program.

Extra Mural Programs

  • Little chefs club
  • Ballet
  • Playfit
  • Wish for kids (Speech and Drama)
  • Happy Beats (Music Program)
  • Teddy Cricket
  • Swimming
(please note that extra murals may vary depending on site)


Active minds and bodies need good balanced nutrition, children cannot concentrate, lack energy and motivation if they do not eat properly. Littlehill Montessori offers a nutritious planned meal option to provide our children with everything a young body and mind needs to succeed. We offer a summer and winter menu based on seasonal produce.

Weekly Activites

Monday - Newsday

Children are given an opportunity to share their weekend news with their peers.

Tuesday - Book Basket

Books are brought to school to be shared and read with friends.

Wednesday - Baker's Day

Every Wednesday is Baker’s Day. Each child has a turn to be the ‘’bakerman” and is asked to bring eats for his/her class. This can be any baked goodies or healthy foodstuff options. The child wears a baker’s hat and sells his/her eats in exchange for ‘coins’. This is a wonderful time for a parent and child to work together in the kitchen and make something special for the class. We encourage healthy treats to help instill healthy eating in our children.

Thursday - Show and Tell

Children may bring in a toy (toddlers) or something they have made (preschoolers) and speak about it to their classmates.

Friday - Art Projects / Crafts / Science & Light Table Explorations


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