Documentation Checklist

  • Application form signed by both parents/ legal guardian
  • ID Document / Passport of both parents / legal guardian, in addition to the person responsible for payment (if not the parent / legal guardian)
  • Birth Certificate or ID document or passport of pupil
  • Copy of inoculation records / immunisation card
  • Proof of payment of admin and stationery fee

Proof of payment of admin and stationery (Annual Admin Fee and Annual Stationary Equipment + Toiletry Fee)
Please note that completion of this form and an interview does not imply automatic acceptance

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Littlehill Learner Admission Terms & Conditions and Policies

Admission and provision of the LittleHill services are subject to the Admission Terms and Conditions and the LittleHill Policies below

Admission Terms and Conditions (click on link to view the Admission Terms and Conditions)


- Admission Policy
- Code of Conduct, Discipline and Dismissal Policy in respect of Learners & Parents
- Fees & debtor Management Policy
- Privacy Policy (How we Process personal information)
- Communication Policy
- Social Media Policy (external)
- Bullying Policy
- Clothing Policy
- Absenteeism and Punctuality Policy
- Extramural & outing Policy
- Language Policy
- Food Policy
- Medical Conditions, Illness, First Aid & Injury Policy
- Child Release Policy


Littlehill Montessori reserves the right to change anything in this document should the need arise. Right of admission is reserved.
I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the - Admission Terms and Conditions - and the LittleHill Policies above
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Consent form in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) (This form must be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy)

I hereby grant permission to LittleHill Montessori and Day Care (Pty) Ltd to display photos/footage/videos of the child(ren) as stated below as part of:

- a demonstration/project/activity in the course of classroom teaching;
- video recordings created for use in educational workshops, classrooms, advertisements, etc. created by the school;
- the school’s web pages and social media platforms (including the Grades’ Whatsapp groups, Facebook and Instagram);
- examples given to programme publishers, or match entries submitted to sponsors;
- LittleHill Montessori and Day Care School marketing materials; and/or
- any printed publication, which includes but is not limited to, newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and so on.

By granting this permission, I understand that the school may use photographs / footage / videos of the child(ren) for purposes such as celebrating achievements and making public educational opportunities, as the school governing body and the principal may well think, and that such use may include display in the school photo gallery.

I also understand that although the school linked to the photos/footage/videos will be identified, and adults who appear in photos/footage/videos may be mentioned by name, no personally identifiable information of the child(ren), except for the name/names of the child(ren), the performance or matter will be used along with any photo/image/video.

I am signing this indemnity form knowing that any photos/footage/videos published on the school’s website can be obtained and reproduced by various news organisations, including print, electronic and broadcast media, and therefore I indemnify the school of any liability that may arise from the use of photographs/footage/videos of the child(ren) in school website publications. In addition, I understand that there are possible dangers regarding the publication of photos, visuals and videos on a website, since global access to the internet makes it impossible to control who is accessing the information.
I here by Consent
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By signing this indemnity form, I note that LittleHill Montessori and Day Care uses Whatsapp groups in certain grades to submit important information regarding the school to parents so that parents can be informed of current events at the school. I voluntarily participate in the grades’ Whatsapp groups and will ensure that I will set my own privacy settings on the Whatsapp groups in order to keep my

own information private. I indemnify the school of any liability that may arise from the use of Whatsapp groups and possible information that can be accessed by other users. I also understand that if I want to revoke this agreement, I can do so at any stage by sending a letter to the principal. Should I wish to only give consent to participate on the schools Whatsapp Groups, I shall specify my intention on this consent form.

I also note that if I choose not to sign the indemnity form, I am aware that I will forfeit important information from school. I as a parent will also ensure that my child(ren) will be informed of this decision and that he/she will always indicate that he/she may not be part of photographs taken by the school.
I here by Consent
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Our Privacy Policy Will Apply