To encourage and facilitate the holistic development of children and foster in them respect and responsibility for the world and all its inhabitants.

Dedicated Team

Our staff provide a loving and caring environment for your child. There are 2 adults - a teacher and assistant - per learning environment to ensure that all children are given the necessary attention to flourish.

Learning is Fun

Children are introduced to activities starting with the most simple concrete ones and progressing to more complex abstract concepts.

Welcome to LittleHill Montessori

At LittleHill Montessori we offer an authentic Montessori experience critical during the formative years. LittleHill Montessori was first established in 2005 to provide children with a holistic environment catering to their needs.

"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."
[Maria Montessori]

Our Curriculum

The Montessori Curriculum is an integrated approach where diverse concepts are presented across the curriculum and in different ways as the children progress through the grades.

Practical Life

The purpose of the practical life activities is to develop motor control and coordination, and develops independence, concentration and responsibility.


The purpose of sensorial activities is to aid in the development of the intellectual senses of the child.


Montessori promoted the belief that math in the early years prepares a child for logical and critical thinking, not for memorizing mathematical and critical facts.


The purpose of the language materials is to give children ways to describe and to interact with their environment.

Cultural Studies

The montessori cultural studies offer each pre-school child the opportunity to “travel” and explore the world from within the classroom.

Montessori Preschool Child Having Fun

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Why LittleHill Montessori

Purpose Built Facility

Experienced and Qualified Directresses

Authentic Montessori Curriculum

All our directresses are Montessori trained with years of experience, ensuring that your child reaches their full potential in our fully equipped Montessori environment. Our program entails learning that is customized to each individual child while at the same time providing an anxious free fun loving learning experience.

We pride ourselves in our school readiness program, ensuring your child is more than ready for the next step forward into primary school.



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Montessori Education

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